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"The Power of Intentional Giving" - Ignite Boulder 32

On May 18, I was privileged to speak for the fourth time at Ignite Boulder, on a topic that’s near to my heart: giving. Specifically, intentional giving, which means making caring for others a priority and a discipline in your life.  Here's the video of that talk.

The Power of Intentional Giving

Civil war in Syria! Tornadoes in Texas! Hate crimes in Mississippi!  This isn’t cable news: it’s a tour through my mailbox on any given week.  Oxfam, the Red Cross, the ACLU, they all want a piece of me; more accurately, a piece of my wallet.
If you’ve given to a charity, you’re familiar with this pattern: something happens in the world, and you immediately receive crisis-driven pleas for money.  Fire in the mountains?  Give to the Red Cross!  Trump signs an executive order? Oxfam needs money.  Trump goes golfing?  Give to the Mar-a-Lago Caddy Rescue Fund!
Now, all of these are good causes, but let’s be honest: these life-and-death pitches are a pretty cynical way to ask for money.  And if you give, do you have any idea who you helped? Did you make the world a better place, or did you just assuage your guilt over not being one of those tortured faces on the web site?
What if there were a better way?  
About a year ago, we heard that a friend, who I’ll call “Donna,” was losing her sight. …