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Being Donald Trump

A lot of people are very angry at Donald Trump right now.  For the sake of our collective blood pressure -- and let's face it: as a country we really can't afford it to get any higher -- I want to help.

Being angry at Donald Trump for the things he does is like being angry at a shark for eating.  The anger that we feel is based upon an objective measure of right and wrong, what come people call a "moral compass."  Donald doesn't have this.

There is no "right" or "wrong" in Donald's world.  In his world, there are things that Donald Trump can do:
Grope, sleep with, and occasionally marry beautiful womenBuild large structures, like Trump Tower in New York or Trump Wall along the Rio GrandeRun for President of the United States In Donald's world, these things are good.
There are also things that Donald Trump cannot do: Grope or sleep with Megyn KellyPay for all of the work to build his large structuresBe President of the United States (it …