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Hacking the Startup Life

The founder of the first software company that I worked for put his head through a wall.  He was upset about someone leaving, but you know, it was a wall.  And his head, which was arguably the most important asset in the company's portfolio.

At that same company, I had to break up a fight between two designers who couldn't agree on a page layout.  I had to pick one of them up and carry him out of the room until he could cool off.  Fortunately, his hair was in a ponytail that day or I might have suffocated.

At another company, one of my standard interview questions for potential managers was, "What will you do the first time that someone comes into your office and bursts into tears?"  My favorite answer, after a thoughtful pause was, "Well... first I would offer them a tissue."

After 20 years working in technology startups, I know I'm not the only person who watches HBO's Silicon Valley and thinks, "Wow, they're really toning it down for th…