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Rise to the Challenge

"I love a challenge!"

How many times have I heard that in an interview?  Usually, this is said in a chirpy voice, as though the interviewee does a little dance of joy every time a problem comes their way.  What I've often found, though, is that when someone says, "I love a challenge!" what they really mean is, "I love doing things that other people think are hard, as long as I already know how to do them really well!"  Ask them to do something really difficult, though, something that doesn't play to their strengths, and many of them disappear with a muttered, "that's not really in my wheelhouse."

Somewhere along the way, we forgot what a real challenge is, and in doing so we've lost a crucial catalyst for our own personal growth.

In nearly every story that human beings have ever told, the hero faces a test of his prowess, his intellect, or his skills and experience.  Rarely do these challenges play to the hero's innate capabi…

Hollywood.bomb, Chapter 14

Chapter 14
It was a long plane ride back to Boston.  It wasn’t the impending sense of failure hanging over the heads of the three passengers from ADD, nor was it concern over leaving their comrades behind in LA.  It was because David simply wouldn’t shut up.
Stephen and Ricky had tried everything short of physical violence to make him stop, though that time was coming soon. In self-defense, Stephen feigned sleep while Ricky tried watching the movie, but David, who was not watching, kept reaching over to lift up his headphones and ask him what was happening.  After the eighth such interruption, Ricky finally ripped off the headphones and jammed them onto David’s head, growling, "You tell me!"
David had been like this ever since returning from his rejection-induced odyssey, the tale of which had been told and retold enough times in the past three days that Stephen was starting to think it had happened to him.  Ricky, ever the fan of oral history, had begun reciting key passage…