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Do Bears Scrum in the Woods? An Agile Fable

Hello, everyone, and welcome to the Agile hiking club!  I see that we have a few new members today, so let me go over the rules before we recite our creed and head out for another outdoor adventure.  First, while we recommend that you stay with the group, we are (of course) self-managed, so you're free to wander off for a bit as long as you catch up to the group before the end of the hike.  Second, please notify your hike master if you get stuck in the underbrush, forget which trail we're on, or forget why you're out in the woods altogether.  We're here to make your hike successful!  And finally, please remember that this is your hike.  If you have a better idea for a destination, or if you think that some of those flowers at the side of the trail would make the hike look better, please bring your ideas to the group and we'll consider them.

Before we start our hike let's recite our Manifesto:

"People over processes. Function over documentation. Collaborati…