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While I often write about work in general on this blog, I rarely mention anything about my workplace specifically.  There's a reason for this: I don't want anyone reading my posts to say, "Hey, he's writing about me!" and either punch me or hug me the next day (either of which eventually means a trip to HR).  Today, though, I want to take a few moments to talk about why I moved to Boulder and why you, dear reader, should be here, especially if you like building software.  "Here" being the Boulder/Denver area in general, but also my company, Reed Group, in particular.

First, why Boulder/Denver?
  1. 300 days of sun. That's right: the best-kept secret of life on the Front Range is that the weather in the shadow of the Rockies is awesome. You can ride your bike in December, hike in shorts in January, and go golfing and skiing in the same weekend. And when it snows here, it melts in a day or two so you don't even have to shovel! Think about that while you wait for your lawn to reappear from under the Boston ice (don't worry, May is just around the corner). 
  2. Outdoor activities year-round. (See above for why this is possible) Denver attracts healthy, active people who want to work hard, then take off for a bike ride before dinner. Mountain or road biking, skiiing, hiking, running, swimming, you name it and we do it all year. Plus, when the weather's this nice you can even stay inside on a sunny day and do nothing without feeling guilty!
  3. High tech is a way of life here. The Denver/Boulder corridor is the top second-tier location in the US for new technology startups, and it's closing in on Boston and San Francisco as the place that's driving innovation. The community behind that innovation is open, supportive, and friendly, a place where people are genuinely excited to see someone else succeed. The attitude and the opportunities are drawing people from all over the world. 
  4. The secret is out and you're falling behind.  People are starting to hear about what's happening here, and they're coming.  Top city for startups?  We got that.  Best places to live? Nailed that, too.  Hot towns for tech talent?  Most educated cities?  Men's Health healthiest places to live?  Check, check, check.  Let's face it: you need to get here before the housing prices go up.
Now, why Reed Group?

  1. We're growing.  Reed Group is one of the fastest growing software companies in the Denver area, with over 150 people in the software and technology division and more than 20 open positions right now.  If our corporate marketing had been better, we would have been in the "fastest growing companies" list for the past several years, and we're accelerating.  We're fixing the marketing thing this year, too.
  2. We do it without pulling all-nighters.  I've been in the startup world for 20 years now, and while I love the excitement of a new company, I also love my family.  At Reed Group, we work hard for 8(-ish) hours a day, then we go out and enjoy the beautiful country around us.  We get a lot done, but we do it without killing ourselves or burning out our teams.  That's been a core principle of mine for years, and I've made it a reality here.  Do we still work in software?  Yes.  Does that mean that sometimes we have to put in extra hours?  Duh, yes.  But it's not a way of life, and that's not going to change.
  3. We have some of the smartest, nicest people you'll ever have the pleasure of working with.  I love not being the smartest guy in the room.  When I worked at Art Technology Group, we had a motto: "We hire smart, nice people and we let them build cool stuff."  I loved that, and to this day ATG is still one of the best places I've ever worked.  I've worked hard over the past four years to rebuild that culture at Reed Group, and I was fortunate enough to start with a core of really intelligent, high-performing peopleto build upon. We continue to hire smart people who want to work with other people to solve really hard problems, so if you're lucky enough to get in the door here you'll be challenged every day.
  4. Our products are the leaders in their markets and we're widening the gap. Our software is our competitive differentiator, and we continue to make major investments to ensure that it stays that way, even as we look for new markets and new opportunities.  This year, we're standing up two brand-new product teams, rebuilding one product from the ground up, and building another new product for a future launch.  You won't find that kind of scale at a venture-funded startup, and you won't get that kind of innovation at a larger company.  We're right in the sweet spot.
You can see the boring job descriptions on our web site or you can just get in your car and start driving.  You really need to be here.

Come play with us!
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