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Why aren't you here yet?

While I often write about work in general on this blog, I rarely mention anything about my workplace specifically.  There's a reason for this: I don't want anyone reading my posts to say, "Hey, he's writing about me!" and either punch me or hug me the next day (either of which eventually means a trip to HR).  Today, though, I want to take a few moments to talk about why I moved to Boulder and why you, dear reader, should be here, especially if you like building software.  "Here" being the Boulder/Denver area in general, but also my company, Reed Group, in particular.

First, why Boulder/Denver?
300 days of sun. That's right: the best-kept secret of life on the Front Range is that the weather in the shadow of the Rockies is awesome. You can ride your bike in December, hike in shorts in January, and go golfing and skiing in the same weekend. And when it snows here, it melts in a day or two so you don't even have to shovel! Think about that while you…