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Hollywood.bomb, Chapter 13

Chapter 13 

"It isn’t time to bring in the bullpen already, is it?"  Jack’s voice crackled through Stephen’s headphones as he prowled around the parking lot outside CouldBU’s office.  As usual, Jack was making no attempt to hide his enjoyment of Stephen’s discomfiture.  "Kinda makes you appreciate those guys who start projects, doesn’t it?"

"I don’t know about ‘appreciate,’ but it does make me want to buy them a sympathy beer the next time I see them," said Stephen, "and maybe apologize to Miller for calling his mother a whore.  Does every project go horribly wrong at some point?"

"No, not every one," Jack said, then he thought about it for a moment.  "Actually, yes, every one.  Every project spends most of its existence teetering on the edge of oblivion, like a train riding on only one rail.  It’s your job to keep the team balanced and on the track or you’ll end up with a front-row seat to a fiery train wreck.  It’s my job to try…

Dr. Seuss Meets the School Bus

"It's time to go!" yelled the Mom up the stairs.
"Hold on," cried the daughter, "I'm doing my hair!"
The son's only answer was a noisy flush.
Then a muffled voice called, "Have you seen my brush?"

"We have to go. You'll be late for school!"
"Mom, where's my sweatshirt? Does this hat look cool?"
"I can't find my socks.  Oh, look, there's the dog!
She's so cute! I'll post a pic on my blog!"

"My socks don't match.  What'd you do with my pants?"
"Do you think if we dressed her in a tutu she'd dance?"
"Hey, there's my glove!  I thought it was lost!"
"Mom, how much does a dog tutu cost?"

The Mom called again in a voice of despair,
"You're going to be late.  Don't you two even care?"
Oh the places you'd go.  Oh the things you could see,
If you'd just leave the house.  Won't you listen to me?"

The c…

Lessons From the Field

It happens every year: a sports team pulls together, overcomes incredible odds, and wins a national championship.  Their fans go wild, strangers hug each other, and parades are planned.  Then, without fail,  the "more important things" crowd shows up.

"Imagine," they say, "what these people could do if they got this excited about something that really mattered, like [insert cause here]."

Cue the sad trombones.

I have a fundamental problem with this statement, for several reasons.

First, if people aren't excited about your cause, then maybe there's something wrong with your delivery.  When was the last time that people cheered someone for haranguing them?

"You're a worthless pack of human beings and you're all going to hell if you don't do exactly as I say!"
"Yay…"  "How's that hamburger tasting?  Did you know that 100,000 children starved to death in the time that it took you to swallow that mouthful of proc…