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Hollywood.bomb, Chapter 12

Chapter 12

Stephen awoke early the next morning with the sunlight streaming through his windows.  It was too early for breakfast, but he didn’t care.  For the first time in weeks, he felt rested and alive.  He briefly considered getting up to join Mark in his morning swim, but decided that he would rather lie in bed for a while and enjoy the fact that he didn’t need to be up yet.

Two hours later he breezed into the office, whistling an old sea shanty that his father had taught him.  He could never remember all of the words, but recalled that they had something to do with a sailor getting his oar stuck in the wrong lock.  It didn’t really matter:  the tune was cheerful, his headache was gone, and all was right with the world.  Peeking into the offices as he went by, he saw that he was the first one in.  He hadn’t really expected anyone from CouldBU to be up this early, but was a little surprised that no one else from ADD was running on Eastern time, too.

Stephen shrugged as he entered…

Hollywood.bomb, Chapter 11

It's been a while but I'm back with another chapter.  If you want to catch up, there's a handle table of contents available to help.  On we go with the further adventures of our intrepid Bostonians in La-La Land….

Chapter 11

"Are you coming, Frank?"  Stephen looked back over his shoulder and saw Frank gazing thoughtfully into the sky.  "You’re going to fry your retinas if you keep looking at the sun like that, shades or no shades."

"Hmm?  Oh yeah, I’m coming.  I was just contemplating some upgrades."

"To what?"

"My wearable computer.  Don’t worry about it; it won’t take time away from work."

"It’s not the work time I’m worried about.  It’s the time in the hospital that always gets us."  Stephen held the door for Frank and waved him through.

Frank made a face as he went by.  "Ha, ha, and ha.  You’re never going to let me forget that, are you?"


The ADD team walked through the building toge…

Don't Poke the Bear

An experienced outdoorsman invites his friend to join him for a hike.  The friend has done very little hiking, so he's nervous about the experience.  As they start up the trail, he turns to his experienced friend and asks, "What do we do if we see a bear?"

His friend shrugs.  "If we see a bear?  We leave him alone.  He probably won't bother us if we don't get too close."
"But what if he comes after us?"
Another shrug.  "If he comes after us, we'll back away slowly."
The greenhorn still isn't satisfied.  He stops walking and asks, "But what if he charges?"
The hiker sighs.  "If he charges, we run."
"We run?  That's it?  That's your big plan: we run?  Why aren't you more worried about this?  Don't tell me you think you're faster than a bear."
The hiker smiles and starts walking up the trail again.  "I'm not worried because I don't have to be faster than a bear.  I j…