On Friday, I talked about the power of choice.  You can choose the light or the dark, and you change the world with each choice you make.  I said that, in a world where one person can traumatize an entire region with his actions, it's up to the rest of us to choose the light.

Of course, choice is meaningless if it isn't accompanied by action.  You can choose to believe all kinds of things, crazy or sane, positive or destructive, but they have no weight until you act on them.  I, and others like me, need to respond to this horrible event, not just feel bad about it. We need to spread a little light, a little joy, and drown out the darkness that one man brought into all of our lives.

So, after much thought and bouncing my ideas off of some trusted friends, here's my idea: I want to give people a night at the movies. Not just a few people, but whole theaters full of people. I want to go to theaters in the Denver area (and especially the area around Aurora) and say to everyone who walks in the doors, "Tonight, the movie's on us. Go, enjoy. This isn't a fundraiser, it's not a memorial service. Some douchebag tried to steal a night of fun from all of us. Tonight, we're giving it back."

This may seem trivial in the face of the tragedy that we experienced, and I know that going to the movies can't bring people back from the dead. But where one man tries to sow hate and destruction, I believe that it's up to the rest of us to respond with love and life, to seek out joy rather than embracing that darkness. If we just sit around and feel bad, then the douchebag wins.

To me, this isn't about politics or policies.  It isn't about gun control or the price of freedom.  It's about people.  People who are hurt and afraid, who have had something special stolen from them.  People who think about going out to the movies and now think, "Maybe it's safer to just stay home."  This is about a region that has been traumatized once again by stupid, selfish, mindless violence.  I can't turn back time and make this go away, but maybe I can heal a little bit of the memory by giving people a joyful moment at the movie theater.

I've found a few other people and companies to join me in this crazy idea, and we welcome more people to join us.  We're taking Denver to the movies on Saturday, August 11, and I want to treat as many people as possible.  If you'd like to join us, go here for more details.

Let's spread a little light together.

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