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Hollywood.bomb, Chapter 3

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Chapter 3

The next morning was no quieter in the Connelly house, though the noise came from a different source. Sarah startled herself and everyone else awake at 4:55 AM with a wailing that pierced Stephen’s skull like an auger. Jennifer’s mother, Janice, zoomed into the room seconds later, so quickly that she couldn’t possibly have come all the way down the hall from the guest room. Stephen, his head throbbing with lack of sleep, blearily wondered when she had arrived.

"Oh listen, she’s getting her full voice!" Janice exclaimed, "The little dear is going to be a singer like her grandma, I can tell!" She rushed back out again with the baby, moving so swiftly that Stephen was sure he heard a Doppler effect on Sarah’s fading cries.

"Is she coming back?" he asked his wife dubiously.

Jennifer yawned mightily, "I assume she’s going to change her and bring her back to feed, but if Mom’s managed to start lactating …

Hollywood.bomb, Chapter 2

I had so much fun with this last night that I decided to post another chapter tonight.  Wondering what's going on?  Start at the beginning.

Chapter 2

As everyone stood for the obligatory handshake ritual, Stephen took the opportunity to size up his new clients.

The younger of the two men introduced himself to each person as "Brad Richards, Chief Visionary Officer of," relishing the sound of his title more each time he said it. He appeared to be in his late 30s and was of medium height and build, with sun-bleached brown hair and the kind of sculpted muscles that came from hours spent in a gym developing each one for its maximum cosmetic impact. He wore a light-colored linen suit over a lime-green silk shirt, his sockless feet tucked into boat shoes that implied that he had just stepped off of his yacht to attend the meeting. Stephen looked at his bloodshot eyes and recognized from painful familiarity the after-effects of a late night of drinking.

Robert Miller,…

Hollywood.bomb, Chapter 1

A few years ago, I wrote this thing that we used to call a "book."  Nowadays I think that the kids call them "long-form e-zines" or something.  I went through the normal avenues, submitting it to agents and trying to find a publisher, but at a certain point I ran out of energy and set it aside.  The characters and the story have stayed in my mind, however, and now I've decided to share it, in the hopes that others will enjoy it and I will find the inspiration to revisit the story.

So here you go, friends: the first chapter of Hollywood.bomb.  Enjoy, and feel free to offer constructive comments.  I'll post at least a chapter a week.

Chapter 1

The sharp jab in his arm came again, insistently prodding Stephen out of a deep sleep.

"Huh? Honey, can't you get her this time?" he mumbled groggily, trying in vain to open his crusty eyes before settling into a slightly more comfortable position.

"Time to go to work, sleepyhead," a voice near hi…

That's "Exorcise," with an "O"

September 11, 2011 was a bad day for me.  We were living in Boston at the time, and I was working at a startup near MIT and Kendall Square.  The planes that crashed into the Twin Towers flew right over our heads just hours before they exploded in a fiery mess over lower Manhattan.  My colleagues and I lost friends, acquaintances, and classmates in a moment.  On top of that, we lived in the city that the terrorists chose as their launching pad, and that was something that every Bostonian took as a personal affront.  What was it about our city that made it so friendly to psychotic maniacs?  The only fanatacism we were willing to encourage had to do with a certain cursed baseball team.

Like everyone who was old enough to understand what was going on, I remember that day with painful clarity.  I remember where I was when I first heard about what was happening and I remember standing and watching the towers fall on television.  I remember the baffled amazement, the thought, "Why would…