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Ride to Wingaersheek

Here's what I'm doing this weekend:

Lexington to Wingaersheek
Find more Bike Rides in Lexington, Massachusetts

Gotta get my beach time in before we head to the mountains for good.

We leave for Boulder in 17 days! Woo-hoo!

Pics from the 2009 Best Buddies Hyannisport Challenge

Best Buddies just posted a bunch of photos from this year's Hyannisport Challenge. You can view the entire set here.

Our fearless leader (Danny) at the starting line. This was the last time that he was seen near the front.Bob at the start. He's the worried-looking one on the left (#332).Some Patriot Pedalers with our favorite celebrity, Maureen McCormick. Bob looks a little happier here.
Clearly, everyone had a fun time. It's nice to look at these pictures and not think, "Ugh, I'm glad I survived that one." Let's hear it for nice weather, and go Best Buddies!