Lessons from the road

I haven’t had the chance to play road warrior much in the past few years -- what with having children and all -- so the past couple of weeks have been a refresher course for me in the joys and frustrations of business travel. Here are a few things that I have learned about the new world of the business traveler.

  1. Take the power outlet whenever you can get it. You never know when it will be available again.
  2. Ditto for the wireless network.
  3. A cellular modem is a lifeline, but it’s a slow, painful one. Remember AOL circa 1995? It’s like that, but without all the fun sound effects.
  4. People with iPhones like to make fun of people who still need a computer to get their mail. Fortunately, you can get revenge on them by asking how their battery’s doing around 4:30 in the afternoon.
  5. Even an iPhone can’t help you find the right office building in Brooklyn if you don’t know which way you’re facing.
  6. There’s a big difference between being treated like a passenger and being treated like cargo. I greatly prefer the former, which is why I’m sitting on the Acela Express train as I type this, and not a plane.
  7. Dining out every night is fun for approximately four days. After that, it’s just fattening.
  8. No matter how cold it is outside, you will always feel sticky after more than 45 minutes sitting on a train or plane. It’s one of the unwritten laws of physics: grime adheres to the traveler at three times the normal rate of a person sitting still. I think it has something to do with friction.
  9. Meeting new people is fun, but going home to your family is better.
  10. Nothing beats going home a day early.
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