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An open letter to United Airlines Customer Relations

Dear United Customer Relations,

I am writing to explain to you how you lost a 20-year Mileage Plus customer and 15-year Mileage Plus Platinum Visa card holder. If I have any choice in the future, this is the last flight I will be taking with United. I will be forwarding a copy of this letter to Chase Bank to explain why I am cancelling my Mileage Plus Visa card. I can only hope that someone from Chase follows up with you to discuss how your inability to waive a fee cost them thousands per year in revenue. We've been through a lot in the past 20 years. I've been through fare hikes, strikes, reorganizations, and route changes. In recent years, I've put up with an escalating series of fees, service reductions, and a general decline in service quality. Hey, everyone was doing it, right? (Well, OK, not Southwest or JetBlue). This time, though, the issue was in your control, was your responsibility, and you could have fixed it. You chose not to, so I am choosing to sever our rela…

Just saying "We're Agile" is not enough, apparently

Haut Tec » Agile is an Attitude, Not a Method

So it turns out that you can't just say, "We're Agile," throw all discipline out the window, and have a successful project! Who knew?

To paraphrase Casablanca'sCaptain Renault, "I am shocked, shocked to find that people are using Agile as a cover for sloppy coding!"

Now, the team in the article above had the persistence and good sense to work through their issues and realize the benefits of agile development, but many of my company's clients have not been so wise/fortunate. Some developers, rightfully fed up with the constraints of waterfall development, have staged a revolution at their companies. They went to management waving some Wikipedia article about Agile development and said, "Look! We can be four times as productive and give you your application at a fraction of the cost if you just let us go Agile! It removes all that nasty overhead and lets us go back to writing code, which is what you osten…

Welcome to Vermont, President Bush. You have the right to remain silent...

Just when you thought that Montana had the Wackiest State in the Union contest all sewn up...

The Associated Press: Vermont candidate to prosecute Bush if she wins

Now might be the time for Texas to finally declare sovereignty, so that they can turn around and declare war on Vermont.

Speaking of movie geeks...

... meet the Ubergeek:

Lucasfilm has a fascinating level of ownership and dedication to the franchise, matched only by the fanaticism of their fans.

For the movie geek in all of us...

Come on, admit it: you’ve stared at the screen at the end of a great movie and shouted, “But he couldn’t have saved the future, or his mom would never have met the guy who was sent back to save him, slept with that guy, and conceived him! It’s a paradox!”

I know you have, because I am you.

Well, now we’re not alone:

I wish I could say that this hasn't happened to me...

Read Frazz! It's the greatest comic that isn't in my paper (you hear that, Boston Globe?) It's for the philosopher/biker/janitor in all of us.

An Interactive Look at "Tunnel Harry" from the Great Escape

This is a great view of the real "Tunnel Harry" that prisoners used to escape from the German POW camp Stalag Luft III in World War II. It's amazing what these guys did. On a related note, I have nearly completed the tunnel under my desk that will take me to the edge of my client's parking lot and freedom!

2008 Best Buddies Hyannisport Challenge Ride Report

This was my fourth year riding in the 100-mile Best Buddies Hyannisport Challenge. To fully appreciate the experience, you need to read about the previous rides:2005: The Year of Freezing our Toes Off2006: The Year that Got our Hopes Up2007: Payback's a BreezeOr, if you don't have that kind of time, feel free to jump right in with this year's ride report:Believe it or not, after four years anything can start to feel normal, even riding 100 miles in a day. By now, the rituals are familiar: Pack the gear the night before, remembering to grab a few energy gel packets for later in the ride Repack the gear after changing your mind about half of your gear Try to go to bed early, then toss and turn all night long, checking the clock every hour or so to see if you've overslept yet Get up at 4:30 to eat a small breakfast and drink a large cup of coffee Go out in the dark and get ready to ride 100 miles in the rain Last year we prayed for sun. This year we knew better, so we pra…

New Best Buddies Route Map

The new 100-mile Best Buddies Hyannisport Challenge route has been posted. It looks like we're in for a beautiful ride.

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