Best Buddies route map

Check out the route map for this year's Best Buddies ride. This will be my third year doing the ride, and the first two ride reports are posted here and here.

Read this year's ride report!

I'd just like to note a few things about this map:
  1. I finally have proof that this is more than a 90-mile ride. In fact, it's 96 miles! You can't even round down to 90 miles from there. I'm just sayin'...
  2. If you click on the link to show elevation, you can also see the hills that have killed me in past years. Specifically, what looks like a climb up a cliff (conveniently located by the White Cliffs Country Club) and the long series of hills between miles 76 and 88.
  3. Finally, it's a beautiful ride. Look at all that time we spend near the water! If it weren't so darn long, I'd do it every weekend.
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