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Keep the Change (Clean)

We recently went through Anti Money Laundering training at my office (again). The training included ways to identify potential money-laundering behavior, some red flags to watch for, and some tips for avoiding potentially risky activities (for example, never float a loan to a guy named Osama, especially if he lists his address as "unknown cave in Pakistan" on the application).

Personally, I've never seen all of the fuss about money laundering. I mean, I've sent my wallet through the washer several times, and the money seems to come out just fine. In fact, it did a lot better than my receipts, which melded into a solid white brick that looked like it would have fit in perfectly at those adobe homes that New Mexico is always bragging about. Our bookkeeper complained a little bit when I tried to submit them like that, but she relented when I told her that this was just part of the new "consolidated entry system" that we're enabling. I just had my boss sign …