Death by PowerPoint

There are two groups of people who need to review the following links: those who think they need help, and those who don't. For those who don't think they need help (you know, the PowerPoint junkies huddled out by the dumpsters swapping illegal clipart), I'll make sure you understand me by speaking in your own dialect, Bulletese:

You need to read this information if:

  • The thought of putting together a presentation and then standing up in front of a group of people to deliver it makes you physically ill, or at least a little woozy
  • You hate Microsoft with a towering purple passion, not because they stole the desktop platform from IBM and Apple, not because they're an evil empire, but merely because they foisted PowerPoint upon the world
  • On those rare occasions when you are forced to speak in front of a group, you never see them because you spend the entire time facing the screen and reading your slides

You also need to review this information if:

  • You feel naked if you leave your desk without a slide deck
  • You have forgotten what a conjunction is
  • You wish that PowerPoint had more animations and slide transitions, because your signature Boomerang and Exit/Newsflash combination doesn't wow them like it used to, even with the monkey sound effects
  • You actually believe that "Actionable roadmap/Go-forward plan" constitutes a coherent thought
  • You respond to everyday queries like, "How's it going?" in Bulletese: "Doing good. Family fine. Kids were sick - better now."
Whether you're a PowerPoint junky or a public speaking neophyte, this information can help. One of these authors - this is a little-known fact - was one of the finalists on the short-lived FX reality series Toastmasters: Survival of the Glibbest. And while that competition was cancelled after a freak formatting accident left one of his competitors with only seven fingers, the fact remains that the man knows how to talk (and how to sharpen the edge of a serif font so that it cuts like a scalpel, though nothing was ever proven and he was acquitted on all charges).

Come and learn at their feet and go away a more articulate and enlightened speaker, or face the wrath of their Baskerville 40-point.

Presentation Pointers
Death by PowerPoint
Avoiding Death by PowerPoint

Some entertaining presentations:
Very Bad Hotel
Imagine 2.0
Gettysburg Address in PowerPoint

And of course, the best option is probably not to use PowerPoint at all.
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