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Another Best Buddies Ride Report

Here's a ride report from Jim, our honorary Patriot Pedaler. As you can see, he didn't have nearly as much fun as I did. Apparently, the ride was too easy for him and he got bored. Thanks for the ride to the ride, though, Jim!

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Gartner Research: A little help here?

Today, as research for an article I'm writing, I read a Gartner research report on offshore deals:

Management Update: Five Reasons Why Offshore Deals Fail

You'd have to pay to read the whole article, but here are some highlights (I don't think I'm giving away the store here):

The five key failure points that Gartner identified:
Unrealized cost savings
Loss of productivity
Poor commitment and communications
Cultural differences
Lack of offshore expertise and organizational readinessPretty good so far, and at least they confirmed my own thoughts. And really, isn’t that why we buy research: to reinforce our own thinking? Here are some of Gartner’s suggestions for addressing these issues:
Make sure that your business case takes into account all of the costs, rather than just looking at wage disparities
Be realistic about productivity assumptions
Have a communication plan that focuses on having the right people say the right things at the right time
Identify the cultural nuances and tr…

Best Buddies Hyannisport Challenge 2006 - Ride Report

Those who remember my report from last year’s Best Buddies ride will remember two words: wet, and cold. Sure, you could use other words to describe the experience – fun, inspiring, exhausting, a noteworthy accomplishment – but these impressions all came wrapped in a cold, wet wrapper, courtesy of the New England spring. So you can imagine that, this year, through all of the training, fundraising, and preparation for the ride, one element was foremost in my mind: the weather. I was committed to doing the ride no matter what, but it sure would be nice if I could do it without risking hypothermia again.

As mid-May drew near, I started watching the weather forecasts with a little bit more urgency, hoping for a sign: some sort of warming trend, a high-pressure front that would camp over the Northeast for a week or so, above-average temperatures in Indianapolis, anything. One week to go. What do we get? The heaviest rains that New England has seen in over 50 years. Flooding in Danvers, road …