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It's done!!!

For years, I said that I was going to write a book about the, um, "interesting" people and situations that I'd seen in my career as a software project manager. Then, for another year, I said that I was seriously thinking about that book and working on characters and an outline. For the last two years (plus a month), I was writing it. Now, I can finally say that I have written a book, all 128,352 words of it.

What a difference that change in tense makes: it's the difference between dreamer and doer, between hobby and accomplishment. I've never worked this hard for this long on anything, and I proudly include my entire college career in that statement (though Mom and Dad, your money was well spent, I swear). This has been an act of faith from beginning to end, so even if this book never sees a Barnes & Noble shelf, I am proud to have completed it.

My book doesn't have an agent yet, and it doesn't have a publisher, but it has one very proud (and tired) pap…