I'm officially guilty of fraud...

... or satire, whichever carries the lighter sentence.


I can only assume one of three things happened:
  1. The college's alumni notes are handled by an intern who doesn't know how to read English and only clicks the Copy and Paste buttons repeatedly as part of his work-study job.
  2. The Alumni Notes editor is so jaded by self-congratulatory "announcements" from alumni trying to one-up the people they were forced to live with for four years and haven't seen since that he didn't see anything wrong with my message.
  3. Someone at my alma mater has a sense of humor.
Based upon the constant requests for money -- from a university with an endowment of more than a billion dollars -- I think that I can safely rule out any humorous self-awareness within the Hallowed Halls of old Shiz. I'm going with Option 2 until I hear otherwise.

Now the fun part: seeing if I get any emails from people congratulating me on my "success."

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