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Lose weight, feel sexier; touch water, feel wet

From the Your Tax Dollars at Work file:

Lose weight, enjoy a better sex life: study

Obese men and women who start to lose weight will also see an improvement in the quality of their sex lives, according to a U.S. study released Monday. Even a moderate weight loss reduced complaints of feeling sexually unattractive and led to improved desire, according to the study. After announcing their results, the scientists added that their next government-funded study will seek to determine whether people who touch water feel a "wet" sensation, and whether people who touch a hot stove feel a "burning" sensation.

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Something Tiny in the Air

Ford, Boeing, Northwestern Join In Nanotechnology Research

Ford Motor Co., Boeing Co. and Northwestern University have formed a research alliance to develop commercial applications for nanotechnology, a science that develops materials at the molecular level. Asked about the goals of the alliance, a Boeing spokesman said, "Our airline partners have already shrunk seats, meal portions, and customer service about as far they can go. We're hoping that nanotechnology can help them squeeze another few picograms out of each customer."

Added a representative from Ford, "We're just hoping to find a technology that will make it possible for us to measure our profits again."

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