What's that high-pitched whining noise?

Is it me, or are the post-election histrionics reaching a higher level this year than in other election years? It seems like people have just picked up where they left off on November and carrying their complaining right on into the new year. Maybe this is just a new version of people believing their own hype. It definitely seems to be a situation where, if you repeat anything enough times you'll believe it to be truth.

Unsurprisingly, the hysteria has reached its highest pitch in San Francisco, which is threatening to secede from the union and join Canada. Let's be honest here: do they really think Canada needs more complainers? They already have Quebec wanting out.

I know! Let's trade! We'll take Quebec and Canada can have San Francisco! The net effect on fashion will probably be a wash, and there are probably just as many people in each region who wish they could move to France. I doubt even that would work, though. I give the Franciscans a year before they're complaining about the repressive Canadian regime trying to impose its Middle Saskatchewan morals on them.

Listen up, everyone, this is the way democracy works: you pick the person you think is best leader for the country and you vote for him. If he wins, you can congratulate yourself on what a smart person you were for backing the right man (or woman, come 2008). If he loses, you have two choices: you can trot out your "Don't blame me, I voted for the loser" bumper stickers and whine and complain for four more years about how screwed up everything is, or you can do everything in your power to make things better right where you are, supporting the structure that will allow you to try to vote your person in next time.

That's the beauty of our system. If you don't like who won, you can try again in four years. Regardless of the breast-beating and whining from certain areas of the country, one person really can't screw things up that badly in that time, and if they really do a bad job, we have ways of dealing with that, too. So quit complaining and look around you. What can you do to make your town a better place to live, or to help all those people that you blame someone else for disenfranchising?

Maybe everyone should just listen to some Mozart and chill out.
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