Out of the gate

OK, so I'm off to the races. I wrote just over 1,000 words last night before I had to give it a rest. It took me about 90 minutes from when I sat down and turned on the laptop, but just over an hour from the time I stopped surfing, entering my picks for this week's football games, and checking on election results. By the time I stopped, my hands were sore from typing. I may need to stop using the laptop keyboard if I'm going to reach a reasonable level of profligacy.

Things I have already learned about myself as I attempt to go into high-volume mode:

  • I care too much about accuracy. Is anyone really going to check to see if "regular" means coffee with cream and sugar in Boston, as opposed to black in LA?

  • I edit myself constantly. I tried really hard not to go back and change words once they were typed, but I often went back before the sentence was even complete to change it. That's not necessarily a bad thing, since I think every change was for the better, but it certainly slows me down.

  • It's freeing to stop wondering whether this really belongs in the book. I think that, before this, I was so worried about bogging the story down that I ended up writing a distilled version of every scene. Now I'm just letting it wander. I can come back later and tighten it up if it feels like I spent too much time in the coffee shop.

I'm excited about this, though. I started this book earlier this year, wrote 4 chapters, and then left it for a couple of months. (By the way, don't tell anyone at NaNo that I'm continuing a previous work, or I might get in trouble.) For NaNoWriMo, I'm commited to adding 50,000 or more words to my story, which should be almost enough to wrap it up, I hope. Then I can get to work on selling it.

On to the next few pages!
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