Two down, two to go...

Here's a great column that perfectly captures the feeling in New England these days. Page 2 - Hey, why not us?

And since you asked, here's how I'm feeling:

My fantasy football team lost this week, thanks to a typically weird weekend. 56 points from one team, all on the ground? Come on....

Am I upset? Nah, not really, because there's this strange energy surging around the entire New England region. People are smiling as they shuffle through the drifts of brown leaves. Drivers wave happily at each other, using all five of their fingers. AM radio is suddenly much more popular than FM, and Fox has almost 100% viewership in prime time. Why? Because the Sox are in the Series. Not only that, they're up 2-0.

Now, I didn't grow up here, but frankly, last year would be enough for me to understand that you don't count your playoff wins before they're hatched. As a matter of fact, even if the Sox win four games, I expect most fans will still check the news for several days to make sure the MLB commissioner doesn't overturn one of the wins. Still, people are excited, and for some reason it feels different this year. For real.

We beat the Yankees, and almost all of the bizarre calls went our way. Sure, Ortiz was really safe when he accidentally stole second in Game 6, but Bellhorn's home run and Rodriguez's glove slap were called correctly. The umps didn't steal the game away. Yeah, the Sox have four errors per game so far in the Series, but they won anyway. Mueller booted two balls, but then he caught a wicked line drive and tagged the runner for a double play. These guys aren't seizing up the way other teams have. It just feels... different.

I won't predict that the Sox will win. I know that St. Louis has crushed their opponents at home this year. I will wait for fifteen minutes after any Sox victory to make sure it actually happened. Then I plan to run around my neighborhood barefoot, yelling at the top of my lungs along with all the other crazy people.

Why not us?
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