Kerry's -- no, wait -- Bush's name left off the ballot!!!

Kerry Left Off Some Absentee Ballots

It's an epidemic!

Absentee ballots leave off GOP presidential ticket

I suspect a secret Green plot to get David Cobb elected by confusing voters so badly that neither the Democrats nor the Republicans can gain a majority. I mean, think about it: there have to be a lot of Green supporters running the copiers that print these ballots. Or it could be simple vengeance from Naderheads angry that Kerry's supporters want him thrown off the ballot in Pennsylvania and Ohio.

Here's the quote that scares me the most in the Cincinatti article:

"I knew enough to see something was wrong," said the voter [who received the misprinted ballot], who asked not to be identified. "But you wonder whether others maybe didn't notice it before they sent their ballots back."

If the person casting the ballot doesn't even know who the major party candidates are, should they be voting? Are there well-informed US citizens out there in the world saying, "Hmm, I thought the Democrats were going to run someone this year, but I guess they decided to wait until Hillary's ready in 2008?"

Now that's scary.
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