Win-lose situations

After not being able to string together two workdays with decent weather here in Boston for the last couple of months, I finally got back into doing my 25-mile commute by bike last night and this evening. You see a lot of interesting things on the road at six in the morning (most of them dead), but not enough of them to keep the ride interesting. My mind tends to wander on these rides, and today I started thinking about win-lose situations, those times when, even though you win, you still lose. Here are the ones I thought of, one of which happened on my ride today. I'll let you guess which one:
  • Finally going on that long ride you've been dying to do, the one with all the scenery. In a thunderstorm.
  • Drafting behind a garbage truck.
  • Racing a car down a hill, leaving it behind when it stops for the yellow light, and giving a triumphant glance behind as you go by, only to see your wife/mother/boss behind the wheel.
  • Remembering your helmet, but forgetting your shoes.
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