More Vocational Vocabulary

More words and phrases I will never use, either in writing or in conversation, even if I choke on my own tongue trying to find alternatives:
  • Go-forward plan

  • Actionable plan of attack

  • Transition (as verb)

  • Accountabilities

  • Resource, as verb. By extension, resourcing

  • Bucket, as verb. Ditto for the past tense, "... has been bucketed."

  • Actualize

  • Impact, as verb. And "impacted," if you have ever watched ER, has a wholly different connotation than I think people are seeking when they use it in emails.

  • Transparent, when used in place of "invisible"

And some that simply need to be used sparingly, if only because everyone else finds a way to insert them into every other sentence:
  • Leverage

  • Facilitate

  • Sign off

  • Best practice (that one hurts, because I used to be the "Best Practices Manager" for a former employer)

  • Resources, as opposed to "people"

Got any more?

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