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A great HTML guide

Idocs Guide to HTML

This is how I stay out of trouble no matter how adventurous I become.

Email tag

The thing I love about large companies -- and when I say, "love," I mean, "am so irritated by that I want to beat someone senseless" -- is the sense of distributed ownership. Nothing is any one person's responsibility, except, of course, when it will delay things. In fact, from my experience, you are lucky if you can identify the group that is responsible for doing something, especially if it involves changing anything.

Trying to get anything changed in a large company is like a giant game of tag, where every person's sole purpose is to make sure that he's not "it" when the time comes to do some actual work. You start with a question: "I seem to be missing some data in this environment. Who can help me get it in there?" Then the email tag begins.

Fred: "That sounds like Data Operations. I have copied six people on this message who might know someone in that group. Guys?"

Gina: "Data Ops usually handles these ki…