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Shift Change at the Muscle Factory

We have a gym onsite at work, which is a great benefit. As work gets more hectic, I appreciate and need the midday break more and more, to the point where I hit the gym for at least four times a week. It's a great break and a healthy alternative to other stress-busting approaches, such as eating compulsively or repeatedly slamming my head into my cubicle wall, monitor, or co-workers

I made a mistake this week in my gym break, though, and went right at noon. This put me right in the middle of the winter lunch rush, caught between sweaty resolution-keepers and grumpy runners forced to hit the treadmill as I tried to work out my own issues. The crowding is exacerbated by the fact that our gym was carved out of a parking garage, and they could only afford to sacrifice two parking lanes. This makes for a long, narrow space that instantly doubles the size of any crowd.

Coming in a little after noon and leaving right at 1:00 put me in the middle of the shift change, as well. This p…