Why tyranny doesn't scare me

CNN.com - Source: Tenet admits never seeing final draft of Bush speech - Jul. 17, 2003

Here is a great example of why everyone who says President Bush will drive America into an untenable global position is wrong. No individual will ever gain enough power to force this country to go where it doesn't want to go, because his peers will never let him. The moment that anyone gains a disproportionate amount of power in American politics, his political cronies immediately beat him back down. It's called "checks and balances," and it makes our political system both the ugliest and the most fair and effective form of government in the world.

No other country -- with the possible exception of Great Britain -- is so adept at airing its dirty laundry to the rest of the world, and while I am often disgusted by the tactics our politicians use, I now realize that they are an unpleasant necessity to preserve the balance of power. I also believe that this is exactly what our founders had in mind when they crafted the Constitution, with its three-headed monster of a government. While none of them could have envisioned global media, 24-hour news, or C-Span (well, maybe Ben Franklin could have imagined it), they certainly understood using public opinion to limit individual power. If you think our political battles are ugly, try cracking open that high school history textbook that's rotting in your attic. The political cartoons and editorials from 100 and 200 years ago make Matt Drudge look like Cindy Brady.

Of course, all of the complainers are part of the process, too, and fortunately there always seem to be an equal number of them, no matter which party is in power. So keep complaining if you want, but stop worrying and spare me the doomsday scenarios.
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