Thoughts From the Road

This morning was my first sunny morning bike commute, and it made a difference. From my average speed (16.2 mph) to my general attitude to my water intake, everything was up from last week's gray trudge. I was soaked again when I got to the office, but at least it was my own sweat and not rain and road goo.

It's still not the most exciting ride, though, so I have to find ways to keep myself entertained and stop the first three lines of "Unwell" from endlessly repeating in my head. Today's game was "What was that before it was roadkill?" the game where you try to identify the original owner of the various chunks of fur and goop on the side of the road. Hey, I figure that I have to look at them to dodge them anyway. I might as well make it fun. Here's an excerpt from today's game:

Squirrel.... Squirrel.... Opossum?... Frog. Hey, little guy, what were you doing so far from water? Besides getting squished, I mean.... Raccoon.... Jogger. Hmm, maybe I should report that to someone....

Who says you can't have fun while you exercise?

Read on the Road

You have a lot more time on a bike to read the signs on the side of the road than you do in a car, as well as a lot more time to ponder their meaning. Here's a few things I read today:

On a reader board:


My thought: I didn't realize things were that tough for the propane industry. Regardless, is it a good idea to give propane away as a meal freebie? What's next: Happy Meals with a working miniature gas grill for the toy?

Another sign:

Hot Loc's
picture of scissors

I had a little trouble telling what the owner of this establishment was trying to communicate. I can only assume from the inclusion of the scissors on the sign that this Loc fellow is a very attractive Vietnamese hairdresser.

On the side of a HMV in big blue letters:

"Still In Business"

Two thoughts:
  1. You know cars are getting too big when people start naming them like boats.

  2. Maybe that's his office, and he's just trying to let his customers knwo that he's still working. There's certainly enough room in there to host a small meeting.

The Climb to the Clouds is in 2 1/2 weeks, so I need to keep hitting it hard for another week or so.
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