Living and working in Boston/Cambridge is kind of like being in college forever, except the money flows in the opposite direction. You still interact with all the same personality types:

  • The software engineer who's really a musician/author/stand-up comic, and is just hanging in with this programming thing until the other career takes off.

  • The guy who everyone assumes must be a genius, because why else would he show up to work dressed like Robin Hood/the Borg/Batman?

  • The brooding, perpetually upset libertarian/vegetarian/human secularist who will protest anything as long as the majority of America agrees with it, and who demands her/his right to free speech as long as it agrees with his/her views.

  • The throwback who still thinks the 60's and early 70's were the greatest time in history, mainly because back then he wasn't the only one still smoking pot.

You get to have all the same conversations, too, only now it's by email, generally in front of a large virtual audience of people who wish you would just shut up and go away:

  • Should [fill in the blank] be allowed in the workplace, even if it offends someone (as everything always does)?

  • Is it morally right to support a government that allows [fill in the blank]?

  • What's really in that burrito?

  • Who will be the first to go on a berserker killing spree first, the guy who never makes eye contact and only eats cold rice, or the one who keeps shouting at his chair? And when they snap, will they kill the guy who always sings along with Culture Club on his headphones first?

OK, maybe that last one is only at my office.
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